California businesses don’t benefit from abundance of electricity

California likely is the leading state for promoting energy efficient operations and renewable energy generation. It seems logical that this would lead, over time, to lower electric bills for its businesses.

It’s logical – but wrong. In fact, ratepayers in the state are paying a lot more than those elsewhere, according to a story in the Arizona Daily Sun. The reason is simple: Though subscribers are cutting their use – through voluntary steps and state mandates – rate hikes to finance power plants already are on the books. The story says that those increases will come, regardless of the fact that the extra capacity is not needed.

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Eskom claims ‘steady’ recovery in energy availability factor

State-owned electricity utility Eskom this week claimed that there had been a steady improvement in the energy availability factor (EAF) at its power stations, reporting “preliminary figures” indicating an EAF of 76.37% from the start of its financial year to May 3, 2016. The group’s financial year runs from April 1 to March 31.

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