State-owned electricity utility Eskom is preparing to roll out battery energy storage systems (BESS) across multiple sites as part of a replacement plan for the 100 MW Kiwano concentrated solar power (CSP) project initially approved as part of the $3.75-billion World Bank loan extended to the group in 2010.

Speaking at the SA Energy Storage 2018 conference in Gauteng on Monday, Cigre Southern Africa’s Prince Moyo, who is also an Eskom GM, confirmed that the scale of the BESS project is aligned with Kiwano’s assumed daily production rate of 1 440 MWh, or 525 GWh a year.

The replacement 360 MW/1 440 MWh BESS project is expected to involve the deployment of battery solutions ranging in size from 1 MW to 60 MW across 90 sites, with the average size of an installation to be 4 MW/16 MWh.

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