High-value energy and industrial asset performance experts, Sebenzana APP, have released a “Springbok inspired” team video that calls on their skilled electricity and energy asset engineering experts to share what truly motivates them to “move the needle” in terms of the performance of energy and power assets across the continent.

A recent Springboks video “For South Africa (Part 1) that was released on social media channels two months ago, tells of the personal and sometimes quirky reasons why the Springboks are so committed to achieving success for South Africa in France in 2023.


“As energy and power asset engineering practitioners in the trenches, we are daunted by the challenges that South Africa and other countries on the continent face!  Our teams are digging deep and giving a lot of themselves to improve infrastructure that enables society,” says Andrew Carr, Managing Director, Sebenzana APP.


“Like so many other South Africans, we’ve been inspired by how the Springboks openly acknowledge our difficulties as a country and are leading us all to achieve the very best we can while keeping those that we care most about firmly in our minds,” Carr concludes.