In line with our recent press release on cogeneration, “Local industrial cogeneration ignored while Eskom grid falters“, the respected South African weekly, Mail & Guardian, had published their own article on this important energy topic.

The M&G is written by Lynley Donnelly and asks the question, “Can untapped power ease crisis?”. Sebenzana Managing Director, Andrew Carr, is quoted extensively in the article.

Donnelly comments in the article “The case for procuring more energy from independent power producers became even more attractive after Eskom’s latest round of countrywide load-shedding last week (written in March of this year). Proponents argue that more power from cogeneration could add much-needed capacity to the grid relatively quickly. It would also be cheaper than running Eskom’s peaking open-cycle gas turbines.

A number of industries in South Africa are capable of cogenerating power for use in their own operations, which could take the strain off the electricity grid (and/) or potentially supply the grid with additional power.”

The full article is available at the Mail & Guardian website.