Energy and industrial asset performance experts, Sebenzana APP, have launched an engineer recruitment drive with the release of an online video that makes a lighthearted comparison between the amount of time the average person will spend in their lifetime on different tasks compared to work – and it turns out that while the average person will spend 30 hours crying, five weeks arguing, five years in queues and over eight years shopping, more than 13 years and two months will be spent entirely at work.

The video advises that since you will spend so much time at work, it’s best to choose your career wisely – before providing key advantages as to why experienced critical infrastructure engineers should apply to join Sebenzana APP.

“Globally there is a shortage of qualified and experienced service engineers and in Africa, this shortage is often frustrated further by engineers that are lured by the prospect of international opportunities,” says Andrew Carr, Managing Director, Sebenzana APP.

“So we’re on the hunt for Africa’s best energy and industrial service and related engineers and metallurgists who are committed to making a real impact in their careers. As the video points out, it helps that we’re are on the cutting edge of where technology, engineering and critical assets meet, have exciting opportunities and projects in Africa and are also growing rapidly internationally,” Carr concludes.